Sharum's Garden Center strives to grow and sell the highest quality plant material. We take extra special care to grow quality plants in order to give you a good start, but once you take them from our care we cannot guarantee them. No one can guarantee that your plant will stay alive except you. 

It is our aim for your plants to be successful. We will gladly offer any assistance in regard to the specific plants proper care. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide adequate irrigation to the plant during all seasons (yes, in the winter too). We guarantee our plant material will be free of disease and insect damage at the time of sale or installation. The guarantee does not cover animal damage, act of God, lack of reasonable care by the homeowner including, but not limited to watering, feeding, improper placement, or proper pest control.

Should you notice a problem, it is your responsibility to contact Sharum's as soon as possible so that we can recommend and/or provide preventative maintenance to mitigate any further damage. 
We DO NOT GUARANTEE Annuals, Perennials, Hanging Baskets, Tropical Baskets, Tropical Plants, Patio Containers, Vegetables, Dogwoods, Spruce, Roses, Rhododendrons or Azaleas. (Patio Containers are plants that are planted in a container or pottery).

No refunds on Clearance or Sale items. Purchases made using Landscaper or Contractor Discounts are VOID of warranty including delivery and planting fees.

We DO GUARANTEE all Trees and Shrubs at 50% of the purchase price for six months from date of purchase. Delivery and Planting Fee of Warranty item will depend on warranty item.

What happens if my tree or shrub dies?
  • It must be totally dead.
  • YOU MUST HAVE YOUR SHARUM'S GARDEN CENTER RECEIPT! - no exceptions, no credit card statements, no "Don't you remember me?"
  • Bring in a large piece of the completely dead tree or the whole shrub
  • Return to the SAME STORE at which you purchased the original tree
  • You may then choose a replacement tree from the current stock of similar retail value, which you will get for 1/2 the price
  • This guarantee does not apply to any planting fees
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